Amn/Tethyr Adjusted Realms

Continued exploration

Rested and refreshed the party forged onward, eventually coming upon a hallway with several doors and a crude wooden barrier in the middle. Suspecting that there might be some sort of ambush the party checked the door nearest them while others watched down the hall. A pair of hobgoblins stepped out of the doorway down the hall and fired crossbows to little effect, while the party encountered a rag-tag group of humans inside the near door. Though both sides were suspicious a little bit of negotiation resulted in a truce to go fight the hobgoblins at the far end.

The fight was short and sweet with few resources spent by the party. The group of humans were lead by the former mayor of the town who had escaped from the jail into the dungeons and was trying to get out. Near the barrier was a door to a storage room that had been the focal point of the battle. The mayor described some of the dungeon and the group found that the area defended by the hobgoblins lead to the basement of the Stone Tower Inn.

As the group came up into the kitchen it was clear they were not expected. Fortunately it was mid-morning and there was little activity. The mayor and his men were taken out the back door and made good their escape (or did they…?).

The party returned to the dungeon and debated what to do next. A large door was too tempting to pass up and they decided that it might be the way they wanted to go. It opened into a long, dark room with many pillars, full of a purple mist. There were ancient paintings on the walls showing the being known as Angall and his followers doing all sorts of horrid things. The mist seemed thickest up to about knee height and definitely made vision – even with light – difficult.

Watcher, being a construct and unaffected by gasses, marched forward into the room. He was only a little ways in when he was attacked by an unseen foe – apparently a purple misty creature that could hit pretty hard. Though tough to see the party managed to hit enough to bring it down. Those that entered the room (besides Watcher) found that the mist could sap their endurance, making strenuous activity such as fighting in the room very tiring.

As Watcher continued moving down the room more invisible mist creatures appeared as if triggered by his movement. Those back at the door could not help much until they ran forward enough to actually see the disturbed mist so that they could add some damage to the foe.

Eventually the group made it past the room to a small hallway with some storage rooms for whatever purpose the mist-filled room had served. Xana’s sharp eyes noticed a secret door and the party continued on.

Behind the door was long hallway. Though the group had no dwarves to provide insight, Xana’s survival and dungeoneering skills combined to figure out that they were now moving to an area directly beneath the main fortress.



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