Amn/Tethyr Adjusted Realms


After a long walk and a few doors, the party had a decision. A hallway to the left that ended in a door or a door directly ahead. Taking time to listen ahead Xana heard loud talking and arguing a ways ahead. Seeing as a crowd was worth investigating the party started through the doorway, surprising a small guard outpost of 4 warriors and 4 clerics. Seeing eight total enemies the party gave them their full force and dropped most of these low grade guards quickly. The two that tried to escape were subdued and captured.

Looking around it was clear that the group was now in a more well established portion of the dungeon. Questioning the guards didn’t result in much information except that there were several enemies in rooms nearby.

Glaark the barbarian wanted to stack the dead like cord-wood at the bottom of some stairs up (one side of the guard’s area) but the party decided that placing them in a storage room would be a better idea. Still the copious amount of blood was likely to give them away if anyone came by.

Besides the staircase and storage room, the surrounding area had a dead end passage, a doorway, and a hallway that lead to several other doors – including one large, locked metal door.

Opposite the locked door were a pair of doors that the party chose as likely candidates to contain a key. Bursting through the door they found a pair of hobgoblins helping a cleric get ready for some sort of ritual. This cleric was fairly powerful, but the party swarmed him and he had difficulty making full use of his clerical powers. He did wear a fine chain shirt that radiated magic. All agreed that Glaark should wear this fine armor.



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