Amn/Tethyr Adjusted Realms

Into the Tombs

With Kruum keeping the undead that spawned from the graveyard at bay the party ventured down into the tombs below. There were several different tombs some of which were occupied by undead or other creatures but the party had little trouble dispatching them.

eventually they found a tomb that seemed to connect to a more extensive dungeon. They discovered a traveled path that lead to a concealed door behind a statue but decided that was too obvious and went through a secret door elsewhere.

The secret door took them too some long-abandoned clerical quarters where they fought a cloaker, a pair of wights, and some animated armor. The areas were dedicated to an ancient demi-god named Angall – a four armed, scaled humanoid wielding a pair of swords and a pair of morningstars.

The group knew the general direction of the fortress and were hoping that this dungeon would lead them to the area beneath. With that in mind they worked toward that general direction.

Eventually they came upon a large cavern with a sinkhole in the middle. A crude aparatus was built above the hole that appeared to allow one to be lowered into the river below. A large group of goblins inhabited the area and rushed to slay our heroes. Though the powerful Glaark had trouble hitting the small foes, they and their leaders were quickly dispatched. Tired and low on spells the party took this opportunity to rest.



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