Amn/Tethyr Adjusted Realms

Keep Siege Aftermath

The characters cleaned up from the battle, burning most of the goblin bodies (though Glark the barbarian did eat a few fresh goblin hearts). A few hours after the battle two men arrived at the keep: DuCaine Fesque, a foppish and charming swashbuckler (with feathered hat, see NPCs). Thorne Mistwood, a grim elf ranger and expert with a bow (see NPCs).

They talk to the PCs (some know them, some have encountered them) and eventually determine that there may have been some external force behind the raid. Caine asks the party to check out a Fortress a few days away. This fortress had long been friendly to travelers and especially adventurers. A market had opened where many items were bought, sold, and traded. Recently the owner for the fort – a former bandit by the name of Cragen – started raiding the area, taking caravans, and generally being very agressive. He had been a friend to the area before but there was a sudden change in behavior…



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