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The party consists of the following characters:

Xanaphia Galanadel (Moonwhisper): Female Moon Elf Ranger Xanaphia, or Xana as she is called, is a young moon elf. She was born to Calithrandil and Legebridien Galanadel about 127 years ago. When her parents decided to retreat about 30 years agok Xana decided she could not bear to be parted from her favorite aunt, L√≥melia Singollo Green, and so stayed with her. Lomelia is a Free Rider, so Xana joined the Free Riders also. Xana and Lomelia ride with Lomelia’s half-elven husband Harold Green and his family, about a dozen half-elves all told. Xana has pale white skin, blue hair and blue eyes flecked with gold. She has come to worship Mielikki the Lady of the Forests since living with Aunt Lomelia. Xana has a somewhat romantic outlook on life and believes people are basically good and should be helped if in need or trouble. She is amused by life generally and sees life as a game to be enjoyed. Xana has a touch of curiosity and a healthy dash of spunk.

Glark: Half Orc Barbarian Big, powerful, not well educated, scary looking.

Marie Stewart: Human Female Wizard Slim, very pretty (especially when dressed up), but can easily “dress down” and make her way in the wilderness. Daughter of a powerful and well respected member of the Tethyr government.

Salvekomweidomorketu: Human(?), Male, Bard/Druid 19 years old with Green/Gold eyes (they change between the two) and Raven Black/Crimson Red hair (also changes). He stands 5’8” tall and weighs 127 pounds.

Watcher: Male Warforged Fighter/Warblade Big and made of metal and wood, he is not native to the world of the Adjusted Realms. He is quiet and always observing and gathering information.

Main Page

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